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LinsPirat LTS Rev2.1 CFW for Nokia 5233/5230/5800/5530/X6 All RMs

Almost all Nokia S60v5 and S^1 phone owners dream of enjoying Symbian Belle on their devices. However, this is a dream that can never come true due to the hardware reservations of the the Nokia devices like 5233, 5230, 5800, 5530, X6, etc. As you know the S60v5 and S^1 phones by Nokia are very poor when it comes to hardware and configuration. Weak processors, low RAM, and the same 360×640 px resolution lcd are the terms that best manifest how careless Nokia, the one time King of the mobile world, is. Probably, due to this lack of insight into the aspirations of the users, Nokia is now struggling and wriggling to reclaim its lost glory. 

 When they came up with S^3 and Symbian Anna, it seemed that they would learn something from their old mistakes, but they didn’t. Finally, with the arrival of the range of Symbian Belle devices, Nokia made a come back. The Belle phones by Nokia do show some potential, ant that’s why people like us crave to have a Belle device. If we can’t buy a new one, we hope to get the Belle firmware on our S60v5 and S^1 devices. 

It is for sure that there can be no fully functional Belle official or custom firmware for Nokia 5233, 5230, 5800, 5530, X6, etc., but what is wrong with a partly functional custom firmware– a cross hybrid of Symbian Anna and Belle? Yes, you heard it right. A guy named tintinboss has come up an amazing CFW called ‘LinsPirat LTS Rev2.1 CFW‘ for Nokia 5233/5230/5800/5530/X6 All RMs. The CFW is reported to be the best firmware for the S60v5 and S^1 devices. 

 The developer of the LinsPirat LTS Rev2.1 CFW has made it clear that this new firmware is in no way fully original, but based on the fresh port of C6v41 CFW by Die2mrw007, and that he has borrowed many good things from various modders. Well, that is of no importance to us. All we need is an awesome firmware for our Nokia phone. A few weeks ago tintinboss had released an LinsPirat LTS Rev2.o. The current version is an update to the older one and is tested by hundreds of Nokia S60v5 and S^1 users. That means it is stable and reliable too. Version 2.1 of the CFW shows some great improvements over its predecessor. Tintinboss has integrated the latest version of QT. It means that you will only need to install QT apps on your device. Moreover, he has reworked on the Nokia Music Player, added latest Ovi Store app, smmother KS effects, and improved new Swipe to Answer feature.

Now let’s take a quick look on the features that LinsPirat LTS Rev2.1 CFW offers and find out why it is claimed to be one of the best CFWs for Nokia phones. This is the closest to Symbian Belle custom firmware that you can have on your Nokia 5233/5230/5800/5530/X6.

-- NEW! LinsPirat LTS (Music) Theme!

-- NEW! LinsPirat LTS (Music) Walls.

-- NEW! LinsPirat LTS theme.

-- NEW! 5 LinsPirat Ringers (Personally edited from fav tunes).

-- LinsPirat v1 theme Revamped (will be available for autoinstaller).

-- New! LinsPirat HD walls.

-- Music Player Supporting Karaoke with any .lrc (15.2 default).

-- NEW! -- Windows Phone 7 Giant font minified by me! (Have a plan to release giant version in future.) 

--  New and reworked ANIMATED LinsPirat LTS bootscreen (mbm file for smooth animation).

-- LinsPirat v1 Theme included - (colorful and with anna pop icons)

--5 Extra equalizer presets.

-- Sparkling swipe to unlock.

-- Common good apps cooked within CFW.

-- Rompatcher with proven patches.

-- All Belle Related bugs fixed (Belle symbol in music player updating library.)

--Effects : Customized and mixed theme effects.

-- Tintin's Iconpack preview in accelswitch and phonerotate icons 

Screenshots of the LinsPirat LTS Rev2.1:

Having seen the screenshots, you must be impatient to enjoy this amazing CFW on your Nokia device. So what are you waiting for? Just download the suitable version of the LinsPirat LTS Rev2.1 CFW and follow our easy tutorial (just below the download links) to flash it on your device.

Download Core Files by Binh24 Here

Password for Core Files: binh24

core file

Download for RM625  (LinsPirat LTS Rev2.1 !!!) UPDATED 24/3/2012

Linspirate CFW

Password for LinsPirat Plus Pack is "tintinboss2012" without quotes

Here is an additional pack with
-- RADIO (Only for RM356 as all others have it)
-- Message Reader (For all except RM559 and if you want Listen Feature in Dictionary)
-- Voice Commands (Optional)

Thanks :)
Additional Pack

Notes from Tintinboss:

  • If you hard reset, or Restore Factory Settings on your device, please flash again to get the 5 new equalizer preset and Ovi Maps.
  • Use provided UDA, otherwise you would not get 5 equalizer presets.
  • Use v.51 Core for RM-625 by binh24.
  • Format memory card from within phone before you give it a go.
  • Restart device after first boot.
  • Again, you must use the UDA and must not factory reset if you want Ovi Maps and 5 new Equalizers set.

3 Files Flashing Method:

  1. Open JAF, go to BB5 tab.
  2. Tick two items there: i) Manual Flash, and ii) Dead USB.
  3. Make sure that all other boxes are unticked.
  4. Rename your Core file from .C00 to .C0r
  5. Click MCU and select the .C0r file (the renamed core file)
  6. Click PPM and select the ROFS2 file
  7. Click APE and select the uda.fpsx file.
  8. Now flash. Done!!!

If you encounter any problem after flashing this
Custom Firmware, please try a Hard Reset of your
device. To do this, type *#7370# on your phone’s dialer. The default password is: 12345.

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  1. ter is no say callers name opt...

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  5. cannot add widgets in second homescreen , in music player if i add a song in playlist it cannot be deleted and it cannot be updated .in homescreen email wizard is not working..if u know plz mail me in my address ...sivaupdated@gmail.com

  6. in music if we refresh the music library then also the new songs are not getting added please help for these reason

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  8. Is this worjking for my 5230 rm588? where could I find my cfw downloadable version?